Fraunhofer CyberStar Award for excellent graduates in cybersecurity in Israel.


Fraunhofer SIT is proud to present the winners of the Cyberstar Awards:

Anatoly Shusterman was awarded with the Fraunhofer CyberStar Award for the best master thesis. In his master thesis he described an attack that took advantage of a security leak in processor caches, enabling to fingerprint a user’s surfing behavior on the Internet - even when they were using anonymization or privacy protection settings such as private browser tabs, VPN or TOR.

Dr. Eyal Ronen received the Fraunhofer CyberStar Award for the best Ph.D. thesis. His research dealt with the security of IoT devices. In his spectacular attack on the infrastructure of a building he flew a drone with a transmitter inside a building, accessed its lighting systems and had the office lights flash the SOS signal. His Ph.D. supervisor is Professor Adi Shamir, one of the inventors of the RSA encryption. Dr. Ronen is currently a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University’s School of Computer Science and is a member of the CheckPoint Institute for Information Security.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT is organizing the annual “Fraunhofer CyberStar Award for Excellent Research Students”.

The award promotes excellent graduates in applied cybersecurity, creates career opportunities and provides role models to motivate and encourage the next generation of young scientists. The award publicly acknowledges the outstanding academic achievements of the winners, enhances their footprint and helps them to grow and promote their research. Graduates and students with relevant recent results are encouraged to apply for this prize, which will offer them the opportunity to present and discuss their work with scientists, engineers, network operators, policy makers and government officials in Israel and in Germany.

The award

The Fraunhofer CyberStar Award (FCSA) consists of

Cash Prize of 5,000 USD for the winning PhD thesis and 1,000 USD for the winning Master thesis

Award ceremony and invited talk at one of our highlevel events/conference*


The Fraunhofer CyberStar Award (FCSA) is supported by industry and government organizations in Germany and Israel.


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